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CCTV OPERATOR (Embedded Linux - Os. software)

    •  Audio-video data Play back
    •  Types of recording Schedule, Manual, Motion detect,
    •  Data backup to pen drive
    •  Data backup by computer
    •  Date & time setting
    •  Color adjustment setting
    •  Online connected machine check, disconnect, block
    •  Utilized Functions history check, backup, clear
    •  Privacy mask applying
    •  Information collecting for Hard disk working or error, HDD Capacity, free space, used space
    •  Hard disk check/setup
    •  Automatic system ON – OFF Setup
    •  Record overwrite days customize
    •  Screen border area adjustment
    •  Automatic channel rotation
    •  System configuration setting backup
    •  System Factory reset
    •  Motion intrusion setup with beep & popup
    •  Line crossing beep trigger
    •  User account & permission add, edit, delete.
    •  Channel tag name rename
    •  File lock – unlock
    •  File tag name customization
    • Introduce to types of CCTV
    • Cameras, DVR, NVR, HVR, Multiplexors, cables, connectors, TV, Monitors, computer, switcher, splitters, extendors, accessories etc.  Analog vs Digital Technology
    • TVL vs Megapixel
    • Where & Which Camera Required and its performance parameters  
    • Optical & Digital Video Zooming concept  Audio-Video Compression
    • Data Encoding & D1, CIF,QCIF, 960H, 720p 1080p, etc. & bitrate calculation  
    • Concept of Networking
    • WiFi Networking
    • LAN Networking  DNS, DDNS, P2P Networking
    • Network Security
    • User types & Rights  
    • How to response and what to do in emergency situation like Fire, attack, robbery, any types of crime happened, in case of object missing etc.  
    • How to maintain daily register book  by cctv operators,  Duties and responsibilities
    • ▶ CCTV Operator module 1.0 Live view, playback & Backup.
    • ▶ CCTV Operator course modules 


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