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fire alarm course

FIRE ALARM SYSTEM (Conventional Practical), (Addressable Conceptl), (Gas panel Concepl), (Active & Passive repeater panel Concept)

Introduce to fire alarm panel Fire alarm
system installation Planning and judgment.

Digital multimeter using for AC, DC, Continuety & Ohm value check practicals,

Required material or complete -fire alarm system installation. introduce to smoke detectors, heat detectors, manual call point, alarm siren, response indicators.

Conceptual introduction for Special detectors (Gas, LPG, Beam, 4 wire base) installation with 24V output. By using Class B/B Class B style C cabling Vs Class B style B cabling.

Practical Installation for Fire Alarm Panel
100% Hands on Practical Installation for Heat detector, smoke detector, Response indicators, Manual call point and alarm siren by using class B style C cabling.

Practical on FIRE RELAY Contacts installation for Automatic door release when fire and integration with Biometric machine.

NAC output mode setting - Temporal, steady, synchronized Zone Mode for Supervisory, Alarm, Walk test, Disable, Fire Supervisory mode.
setting Silence mode setting Manual/Automatic Change System Password, Inhbit time setup, Auto silence mode etc.
All software base setting.


Addressing methods 1. Rottary swiches, DIP Switched and Soft addressing concepts

Modules - Relay module, Zone module, Monitor module, Isolator base module, Control Module Coceptual under standing

Residential and commercial safety concept