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2- IP CCTV (Wireless and Wired) SYSTEM & NETWORKING CSS2  

IP CCTV& System compatibility matching parameters, Selecting Network Devises, 4 Line IP CCTV System installation including WiFi -Wireless and Wired IP Cameras (IR Dome, Bullet/ Box, 360°  VR Panoramic Fish eye Camera, PAN-TIL IP Camera) Practical Installation on Network Video Recorder (NVR), Hybrid video Recorder, connections over CAT6, Types of network switch & bandwidth calculation, Patch cord making and Testing on LAN tester device, IP Addressing, Wireless networking, Device tracing commands in CMD, CCTV System view on Mobile & computer by using Internet and without internet also, Special features -  Cable cut/ Video loss, hard disk full, video loss reporting on Email with attachment, Motion image upload on E mail id with image  attachment, Security architecture drawings & material arrangement audit calculation projects scenario, control the computer by any location through mobile or another computer,  Optical fiber & media converter concept

Four (4) Types of Networking Practically - IP & Subnetting with IP v4. Class A, B, C, LAN, DNS, DDNS, P2P, Port forwarding to Router and Port block test, Network Security settings, Networking troubleshooting, Relay Intigration practical Mobile to Light, Mobile to Gate lock, Mobile to FAN, Mobile to Siren and automatic control setup.